Sponsors & supporters

CyArk's work would not be possible without the generous support of key strategic partners. This event is made possible through the support of Iron Mountain.  Iron Mountain is a key partner in the digital preservation and protection of precious sites across the globe and provides programmatic and archiving support to CyArk through their Living Legacy's program.  


Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain believes that it has an important role to play in creating social value in the communities in which we operate. We are committed to pursuing that responsibly and being a helpful member of our communities worldwide. Every day we protect our customer’s most vital assets and information and we extend that same expertise to our non-profit and non-governmental organizations partners through our Living Legacy Initiative.

The Living Legacy Initiative is our company’s commitment to preserve and make accessible our cultural and historical information, world artifacts and treasures. It is our belief that everyone deserves equal access to the ideas and artifacts that compose our human experience, regardless of economic or geographic barriers.