What will classrooms look like in 10 years? How relevant is experiential learning in the modern classroom? How does virtual reality technology fit in with education system, or does it? These are the challenging questions that face educators and technologists alike.

Join CyArk and our partners at Iron Mountain for an exclusive breakfast and symposium on Thursday, December 1, that is sure to bring insight and ignite curiosity in you and your organization.



December 1  |  2016

9:00 Registration Opens
9:30 Welcome from CyArk and Iron Mountain
9:40 Expert Panel- Immersive Education, VR
10:30 Explore the World in CyArk VR
12:00 Symposium Ends


Lucie Stern Center
1305 Middlefield Rd
Palo Alto, CA 94301


ABOUT THE explore your world program

For over a decade, CyArk has remained true to its mission to digitally capture, archive and share the world's most cherished cultural heritage sites. Now, with the world’s largest high-quality archive, spanning over 40 countries across all seven continents, CyArk plans to transition this archive of extraordinary places to immersive educational experiences.  

While the world is buzzing about virtual reality, CyArk has applied VR to its archive in order to bring real pieces of culture and history into schools. During the symposium, CyArk invites you to experience the power of CyArk’s content when paired with immersive virtual reality and to envision the technology’s implications on the future of education.

CyArk’s ‘Explore Your World’ program, currently in a piloting phase, is a new and exciting way for young people to learn and experience their world from home or school. We will share plans for this program and the perspectives of important thought leaders in education and technology. As well as, take you on a virtual journey to explore some of these sites for yourself.

Join us for the Expert Panel and Your Chance to get hands-on with CyArk’s global experiences.